Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Broken marriages

Who or what are responsible for these? I am no authority on this subject but I often wonder given the stream of broken marriages that I have been hearing of off late.

Why would anyone want to break a bond as strong as marriage, specially when they thought so much before getting into it.

A few thoughts that cross my mind :
1.Low tolerance limits and impatience
2.Sheer unwillingness to adjust beyond a point
3.Financial independence on both sides
4.Societal acceptance of singledom
6.High expectations vs reality
7.Disparate interests with changing times

I was talking to a friend who mentioned that her ma-in-law who has raised ~9 children, mentioned to her the other day, that actually there is only one reason why a marriage fails and that is because of dissatisfaction on the sexual front! Hmmm...I said, after having mothered ~9 children, I am sure she knows best ;)))...that's how she hung on to that husband for eternity..

But coming back to what I was discussing the reasons given for marital problems of late :
1.In one case infidelity.
2.In the other 2 cases I was told the woman is insecure......insecure about what? One of the cases actually went so far as to label her "psychologically instable".
3.In the third they said the woman had not been truthful and tucked away certain facts about herself which were discovered only post marriage.

In the first case it was the wife's perspective that I had received and in the other 2 cases it was (quite obvious I am sure), the man's side story. So in neither of the cases was I witness to both sides of the story and so it is really hard to tell.

While the first marriage despite all it's drawbacks continues to "function" ...simply because of the kids. While in the other two, the parties are doing the rounds of the courtroom.