Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Armenian Genocide

The Jewish concentration camps are well heard of, but not the Armenian Genocide. It saw the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians! Armenians who ? Armenia is a country, the inhabitants of the place are called Armenians and no they don't speak Arabic but Armenian.
The Genocide took place at the hands of the Ottoman Turks around the First World War. The sorry part is that even today the Turks dont acknowledge it.
Is it because they feel the world will no longer consider them civilised if they were to own up to such a merciless massacre?
The Turkish author Orhan Pamuk (novelist; recent publications of whose are Istanbul, The Snow, My name is Red. He has been accorded the Nobel laureate for his works) was taken to court for "insulting Turkishness" when he stated in his writings that the Turks had killed 1 million Armenians.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Moving on

There comes a moment in life when things don't quite go the way you want them to. What do you do then ? Just move on.....I learnt this from my little nephew. He is only 7 months old and still trying to stand up on his own feet independently. With a little support from around him, he manages to stand up for awhile. The other day I caught him trying to reach for a toy which was at far end of the couch. He merely managed to stand on his own two feet, leave alone access something at the far end, across the couch! He tried for awhile. Eventually he looked around and noticed that there were many more toys around him somewhere within his reach, so he quietly moved on..... No point dwelling on something well beyond your reach :)
So this was a lesson well learnt!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


This is a new phenomenon spotted by psychologists. The young, upwardly mobile, busybees prefer to spend time at their homes "cocooned" in their own stratosphere, oblivious to the going-ons around them. They do this on holidays and when they get those spare days between the more hectic working ones.

Not that they are introverts or depressed, they would simply like to be in the confines of their own homes which they now own, have painstakingly designed, with keen detail to the nooks and corners. They have all it takes to recreate a RnR (relax and recuperate) environment - a home theatre, all possible communication devices - from the Blackberry to the Viyo, food and drink just a phone call away, what with all the home delivery services.

The new term coined is "inperience" . While "experience" is when one is sensitive to the external factors and surrounding environment, inperience is when one feels and is sensitive to ones internal world....the cocoon!

I would think this cocooning effect works well once in a while, specially when one just desires some space and time; but is it not tough to live in total isolation and seclusion. Does it not make it difficult to then get back to the real world ? I wonder.....