Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am so... internetish

If you are wondering what that means, let me explain...

If ever you google anything on earth (or outside of it), you will get adequate evidence to support or overrule any hypothesis that you harbor. I was running a search on f"lourides and toddlers"....I got adequate evidence to believe it is "good" and "bad" for toddlers. End result - I am well informed but as confused as earlier.

Working out of home, makes one dependent on the internet a lot, and google then becomes what you would term in the real world- a best friend! With google as best friend, what has now happened to me is what the old sanskrit philosophy would term 'sangadosha' (literally translated company effect). What it primarily means is that one begins to behave like ones companion/ friend owing to the close interactions/ proximity one keeps to them.

Now if you were to tell me how good something is, I can provide adequate information why I believe otherwise. You would be none the wiser after which. At the same time if you come up with a theory about how something is bad. I could very well prove otherwise. No! I never participated in debates while back at school......but the internet has done this to me!!!

Let me know if you have ever had a similar situation :)

Solong........happy googling!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I never cease to amaze me

Yesterday was my bday. Well no cookies for guessing my age....because it hardly matters. After a while one stops counting. At last count I was umm..urr...25 I think :)

I spoke from 7.30 am in the morning, with a 10 min break for breakfast, until 2.00 pm and then continued from 4.00 pm until my lil one asked to be accompanied to the park. I caught up with a conversation or two in the park as well. Over 7 hrs of telephonic conversation about everything under the sun, with all who called to wish me. I must admit I did not expect to be so busy receiving calls, since I have been pretty laid back on the wishing circuit this year, being a self proclaimed BUSY mom...with an even busier baby.

If you ever happen to see me, you will never guess my true age. I am blessed to look young. Although there are times I wish I looked a little older (and may be fatter) so I could throw my weight around, it is never gonna be.

I take my lil one to the park each evening. Lil T loves to play by the sand pit, on the slides, on the swing, in the stone patch and the meadows. There are curious onlookers who want to know why she does not play with the other kids. Well, the answer my friends is that she likes it that way, and I would rather have her like what she is doing...than force something down her throat. Yes, I do give her an opportunity to interact with other children, but I would think she knows best what she wants.

I have noticed, moms hang around in groups - not exactly me...but most of them. I visit the "congregation of moms" that meets daily at the park. .....serves more like a support group. ....If you lend your ear, this is what you will definitely hear "mine has stopped eating"..."mine did that awhile back but seems to be better now"....."mine no longer snatches a nap during the morning hours"....."nor does mine, baby"...."oh well! that's such a reassurance........."mine has been acting weird"....."when do they not?!".....I would be worried if they did not act weird. They somehow seem to be programmed that way. Weird...weirder....weirdest....."mine sleeps in the cot"..."oh so does mine"...."what the hell...they are not going to sleep with you for life, so giving a lil bit of comfort to your lil one in the initial years won't do you any harm"....How many rules are they supposed to abide by......don't do this....and definitely not this....this is a strict no no.....not that one!!

And I have been reading that you ought to be a yes parent!!!! Sure ...can I stuff the toothbrush in the loo...yes, why not. Can I swallow a kidney bean...definitely. Can I stand up and jump from my pram...."whoever stopped you"........saying yes is def easier than saying no....just that I dread the repercussions. I am waiting to meet the YES parent. How charming!

My life post Nov 2007, has been different. Well, let's just say "different". I serve as a car seat, an animal and bird cry impersonator, while I brush my teeth, I strategically place my foot on the loo cover so that no unsuspecting lil toddler dares to open it and stash was some toys, bowls, spoons, even soap at times into it. I leap like a frog, sniff like a mouse....oh no! I am not crazy...I am just a mom!