Thursday, July 17, 2008

Erma Bombeck

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me".

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fringe benefits of Failure and the importance of imagination

I have been hearing about Rowling's address to the Harvard university graduates. It was only by accident that I chanced upon it here.

I simply enjoyed reading it and couldn't stop. The end did not disappoint me either. I am sure you will enjoy reading it too.

While I read the papers a few days back when Jeffrey Archer was in India, I remember the bit where he said 'Rowling made it after 14 attempts, but very few know that I (Jeffrey Archer) had to visit close to 17 publishers before my first best seller'

At the end, all I need to say is 'perserverence pays'

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh I miss the nanny...

Right now all I am thinking is ....was I in my right mind to make a bold decision of a holiday with Li'l T sans the nanny. Gawd! what was I thinking??!!!!
Gawd! Gawd! Gawd! never thought I will miss baby's nanny so much.

As a youngster I distinctly remember a write-up I had written. It was titled "The Ps in my life" - one of my first and foremost was Pamam - the ever endearing uncle. The second P was the Hobbes I have mentioned in my profile description and the third was my difficult boss and finally now it is the baby's nanny. The P's in my life have always made a difference - whether it be xtremely positive or xtremely negative....but they could never be ignored.

This holiday has only taught me how indispensible THE nanny is!...the most important P in my life these days

Slice of my life these days (now that I am on a holiday!!!!)
-Get woken up by a wailing hungry baby
-feed her
-change her
-motivate her to crap so I can then lie low during the day (I feel more relieved when Li'l T has clean bowels, than when I do....I guess that's what motherhood is all about)
-make sensible conversation with her (as sensible and meaningful as it can get with a 5 month old)
-watch over her while she busily flip flops all over the bed (she does not like the floor)...simply to ensure she does not flip flop off it.
-give her a rejuvenating oil massage followed by a bath routine (which she simply looks forward to)
-bathe her
-dress her
-feed her
-put her to bed
-console her every time she wails
-change her
-feed her
-change her
-feed her
-change her
-omygosh did I forget taking her around to all anxious relatives homes
-change her
-feed her
-remind myself that this is all my doing
-change her
-feed her
-and finally at the end of day crash after putting her to bed.
.........I am looking forward to getting back home. I have promised myself a good holiday after I dutifully handover li'l T to THE nanny. That is when my holiday actually begins .....

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Earlier the discussions (read arguments) between me and P were primarily centred around household tasks. One such conversation ....
G: P can you please keep things back in place once you are done with them
P(reading the papers) : hmm
G: Please do it after you are through with whatever it is you are doing now
P(still reading the papers)....
G: I hope you heard me
P(still reading..) : hmmm
An hour later, are still lying all around the place
G:P for God'ssake pleaaase keep that back in place. It is quite tiresome for someone to be constantly tidying after you
P(now at the lappie) : hmmm
G(frustrated completely), tidies up : I dont understand why it is such a difficult task to simply put in place something after it has been used and is no longer needed
P:well, I may need it anytime later - today, tomorrow or the day after
G: then you can take it out again
P:it is so silly to keep taking it out and putting it back in place
G:why do you take a bath daily, anyway you will get dirty again!!!!
P(continues to work nonchalantly at the lappie)

Now with a baby at home, the discussions continue but this time round the conversations take a different turn.
G: P, I am putting Li'l T in the pram while I complete my chores
P: ok
G: are you going to be exercising today?
P: hmmm
G:is that a "yes" ?
P (no response)
G:P can you hear me
G:so, will you be exercising today, if yes then Li'l T can be busy watching you while you exercise (Li'l T, now 3 months old, finds it entertaining to watch P exercise. Frankly I do too!!!)
P: ok
G(places Li'l T in her pram next to P) : P just keep winding her mobile once in a while. That will keep her busy when she can't see you while you are doing your push-ups
P: k
After a while Li'l T is irritable, she can't see P who is busy doing push-ups since she is higher up in the pram in an almost horizontal position.
G:P, mobile?
For those who don't know much about T's mobile. She has two mobiles attached to the pram. One of them is a little bunny whose eyes roll ; ears and hands move up and down while the music rolls on. Unfortunately one of the internal mechanisms has gone bad and so the sound is a little warped
The second one has sweet music ...but no movement. So although it is soothing to our ears, it does not hold much interest to Li'l T
P(as expected, winds the latter....sweet music with no movements)
Li'l T continues to scream
G:can you please wind the bunny please
P: that has gone bad
G:no not really. It is a little out of tune but T likes the movements
P:I don't think so...
G:will you please quit the *discussion* and just wind the Bunny up
P:k if you insist. But I still prefer the former
G(wonder whom the mobile is supposed to entertain - us or Li'l T????!!!!