Saturday, March 19, 2016

Strength and Karma

Show me how to carry Lord
This cross you've given me
Help me never to forget
This day on Calvary

I carried such a heavy cross
And though three times I fell
I got up and walked again
And carried my cross well

But being just a simple soul
Without the strength you've known
I am not sure I can carry
This heavy cross alone

So Lord, if you should see me
Stumble now and then
Give me the strength and courage
To get up and walk again

These used to be the lines I remember seeing on my work table at home since 1994. They were inspiring lines which helped me cope with my stresses and tough times.

Today while my little one came up to me and said 'Mama I did not get selected to the prefect committee, inspite of being good in academics, sports and other extra-curricular activities', I was reminded of this again. It is easy to explain how a computer works, pretty much along the lines of garbage in - garbage out; but sadly life does not quite work the same way.

Life has more to it than the input you see and know of. There is an input that comes from the karmic deeds, the causes one has sown in not just this life but the past one too.

It is tough to explain why someone who may seem less effective has been chosen in her place.

...and I was reminded of these lines.