Monday, June 13, 2011

Few things life has taught me.....and I am still an eager student

1. Don't judge people. Period.
2.If you have already judged them anyways, they will prove you right. Ha!
3.It's not your degree or your resume that often lands you at a higher post in your job, its your tongue, and a little bit of your work
4.Man is a funny animal, always wanting what is not - when I have a job I wish I hadn't and when I don't, I wish I had
5.Never tell your baby what you don't want her telling you
6.Reminding someone something he claims to always forget, does not help - AT ALL
7.Unlikely that you can change the world, be the change you want to see in others. That MAY help
8.Just because you are a stay at home mom and spend all your waking hours worrying about your little one, does not make you the best mom, and nor does that ensure that your offspring is going to appreciate you for life
9.If you appreciate something about someone, let them know about it.
10.Spend sometime each day noticing little things around you, which you seem to be taking for granted
11.It is never easy to forgive and forget. At least pretend!
12.Be nice to all, you never know who is gonna be your neighbor up, or may be down under
13.After 60, unlikely that people will change. They never did when they were 30!
14.Read a lot. This time shall not come again. Might as well gather all the gyan you can when you find the time and haven't still developed Alzheimers'
15.Love is hard to find. Reciprocate it.