Thursday, October 14, 2010

By The Water Cooler

This one is for Radio Parul, and her book 'By the Water Cooler' on

Day 1
- transfered to the Bangalore office (after working for 6 months as a trainee). Like the spring chicken, I am one of the first few to turn up. My boss who is all of 27 and and whose first trainee I am, has arranged for some office girl to get me some flowers. That, for you, is a welcome note.
My boss, walks in almost an hour later, and the rest, even later than that. *Young* I think. We exchange niceties.
Lesson 1- don't be so eager to work on the first day that you exhaust your energies by turning up this never know how long you have to hang on!

Day 2- as promised he takes me on his bike to the closest bank to open an account. I would require a place to drop that cheque which will feed me (yes that's all it would do).
It's a Splendour and so anyone sitting pillion, in a synthetic outfit (and a rookie at bike pillion) is likely to end up in the driver's seat rather than ones own.
Lesson 2 - never wear synthetic if you are riding Pillion!

Day 3 -
happens to be a Saturday- a holiday, nonetheless we are all comfortable casuals, enthu cutlests all. I explain my interpretation of a report, aloud, as if I have been dying to hear my own voice. 'Keep that low' says my boss, 'I have a bad hangover and your voice is making my skull rattle in my head...'
Lesson 3 - speak in hushed tones if your boss has a hangover

It is evening after a lazy paced day at work. The office is a house (like a typical one in Bangalore), and my boss is sitting by a window gazing out. I ask him, what are you looking at ? He says, 'the moon'....the vibrant colours....'Moon and vibrant colours, I add'....'hmm....he says, gazing on'. I don't see them, I mutter. You will if you do 'pot', comes the reply.
Lesson 4 - do grass to see vibrant colours in the moon.

3 days down, and I have learnt quite a bit at work, don't you think?! I have always been a quick learner ;)