Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am so... internetish

If you are wondering what that means, let me explain...

If ever you google anything on earth (or outside of it), you will get adequate evidence to support or overrule any hypothesis that you harbor. I was running a search on f"lourides and toddlers"....I got adequate evidence to believe it is "good" and "bad" for toddlers. End result - I am well informed but as confused as earlier.

Working out of home, makes one dependent on the internet a lot, and google then becomes what you would term in the real world- a best friend! With google as best friend, what has now happened to me is what the old sanskrit philosophy would term 'sangadosha' (literally translated company effect). What it primarily means is that one begins to behave like ones companion/ friend owing to the close interactions/ proximity one keeps to them.

Now if you were to tell me how good something is, I can provide adequate information why I believe otherwise. You would be none the wiser after which. At the same time if you come up with a theory about how something is bad. I could very well prove otherwise. No! I never participated in debates while back at school......but the internet has done this to me!!!

Let me know if you have ever had a similar situation :)

Solong........happy googling!!!

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